Sierra Incline Platform Lift

The innovative Sierra IL500 is ideal for transporting a manual wheelchair up a straight stairway. Its 500 lb capacity will handle most wheelchairs less than 27.5″ in width and up to 36″ in length. Sierra does not require wall modifications, saving installation time and cost.




• Easy Installation
• Lightweight for one-person installation; no major load- bearing wall modifications needed
• Free-Standing Post Kit. Allows a wall-free installation, with the main carry load supported by step brackets
• Space Saving
• Just 13” wide when folded, Sierra carries up to 500 lb
• Platform Options-Right, Left, 90°; 25” or 27.7” widths

Weight Capacity: 500 lb (227 kg)
Platform Size: 25" x 36"
Speed: 14 FPM
Folded Width: 13"
Travel: 40' maximum
Power: 24V DC
Outdoor: No
Drive System: Rack and Worm Gear
24V DC 1/8 HP Motor with Brake
Safety Features:
• Overspeed Governor
• Upper and Lower Landing Limits
• Upper and Lower Final Limits
• Ramp Obstruction Sensors
• Under Platform Safety Pan Obstruction Sensors
• Drive Chassis Obstruction Sensors
• Non-Skid Surface
• 2-Year Parts
• 10-Year Gear
• 1-Year Battery